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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Williamsburg Brooklyn in New York is a place no one should forget, like many places time eventually erases the footprints.
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Sure enough, a year or so later, it closed its doors for good. If so, what was the deal with that place? Any history or interesting stories? Sounds like my kind of place.

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Great stuff! Thank you. I lived on Yucca Street in the early seventies. Though I was only in my twenties then, I loved Old Hollywood. Down the street from my apartment was the Villa Capri. I used to love taking friends there; it was still affordable. Elegant simplicity at its finest. The food was amazing. The drinks were generous. Sitting by the fireplace, one could almost hear whispered conversations of the stars that had made it a regular stop.

Hollywood was headed downhill but The Villa Capri stood as a reminder of the first class life that once epitomized the town. Post Script.

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It is off Hollywood Blvd. Entire entertainment industry was changing and is drastically different now.

I was still in high school and I drove a souped-up Ford. It would made the building rattle when I drove up to valet parking. The valet attendants were not sure they wanted to drive it. Photos are always welcome. Those were the days! Hollywood was something else! Barrett Craig, my cousin Randy died at the age of 13, it may have been my cousin Joey and cousin Fil that you hung out with. I am beginning to write blogs about some of the restaurant past. I went on to own four restaurants myself. My first full time employment in the music industry was at Sunset Sound Recorders.

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Tutti Cammerata, who was a record producer and musician owned the studio. Our company Christmas dinner would be at The Villa Capri. How wonderful it was. Delicious and the memorable atmosphere. It remains my favorite restaurant in LA.

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Look at the town today, it aint the same. I walked around the Villa Capri when it was closed up and ready to be demolished, taking lots of photos. I was fortunate to dine at the Villa Capri, twice, both in and the area there was beginning to deteriorate. I only wish that the family could have opened another restaurant somewhere else in Hollywood or Downtown LA. I lived a couple doors west of the yucca street location and saw Frank arrive in his Thunderbird convert.

There was a demo 45 record in the front seat that I was tempted to swipe. Went there for dinner and saw one of the Everly brothers really drunk. Think he was with Venicia Stevenson. He was a Brooklyn Italian and loved mingling with all of the paisans. He said of all the glamor girls that came to the restaurant, Monroe was the most beautiful, even with a minimum of makeup, she outshone everyone else. He also said that she and Joe were two of the best tippers and never condescending—unlike Jerry Lewis apparently. Was there a dress code at the Villa Capri? Dean only went to the first Villa Capri on McCadden.

He died in before the second Villa Capri opened. Your email address will not be published. The Restaurants. Villa Capri Published September 4, Phil Ankofski says:. December 23, at am. December 22, at pm. John Hindsill says:. December 21, at am. Edward inchausti says:. December 20, at pm. Karen Knotts says:. December 14, at pm. Judy Simon Kessler says:. September 17, at am. Richard Keefer says:. August 2, at am.

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Jackie bishop says:. July 24, at pm. Albert Turco says:.

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June 17, at pm. May 30, at pm. Ambrosia Harwood says:. May 30, at am. But I was always a high achiever.

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My parents thought I was eccentric, but nobody would have classed me as a difficult child. At Vassar, Terri also developed an eating disorder which continued for many years. I would eat anything — packets of instant iced coffee, baking soda, artificial sweetener — to keep the void filled. In manic phases, Terri could charm and flirt her way to a date in no time.

But then the depression would sink in and the effervescent redhead would disappear, replaced by a sombre alter ego. In , after decades of medical consultations, failed suicide attempts and endless pills, Terri elected to have electroconvulsive therapy. What they did was trigger a huge manic episode of about four weeks where I barely slept, and shopped so much I had nothing left in my savings account. But as severe as the side effects were, ultimately it helped me, because that was when I was finally diagnosed as having manic depression.

I felt I was actually doing something to cure my condition, which in itself was positive. It took, however, another nine years of sometimes reckless behaviour one incident, on Christmas Eve , led to her being raped by a locksmith who came to let her into her house when she was locked out before doctors found the right mix of medication to stabilise her condition.

She also realised that she must face up to who she really was and, after 16 years in the legal business, she gave up her job to pursue a longed-for career as a writer — using her own experiences as a starting point. Through hospital records and personal recollections, Terri reconstructed her life in minute detail.

It felt good to finally be honest. Following a decade of not speaking, she and her former boyfriend Rick started talking again after he gathered the courage to turn up to a book signing. Although he has subsequently married someone else, he and Terri still have an incredibly close bond. Unlikely warrior : a Jewish soldier in Hitler's army Rauch, Georg, The tree in the courtyard Gottesfeld, Jeff.

Flying couch : a graphic memoir Kurzweil, Amy, author, artist. Hereville : how Mirka met a meteorite Deutsch, Barry.

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