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Though the Arthurian motif has been ridiculed over the years as a distortion of the actual record, it has nevertheless etched the Kennedy years in the public memory as a magical era that will never be repeated.

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Camelot , the Broadway musical later a Hollywood movie , was adapted from T. White presented King Arthur less as a brave warrior and military leader than as a peacemaker who tried but failed to subdue the war-making passions of mankind. Kennedy very likely read The Once and Future King and perhaps saw or showed to her children the cartoon version of The Sword and the Stone the first chapter of the four part novel that Walt Disney produced in President Kennedy, as his widow wanted him to be remembered, was like King Arthur—a peacemaker who died in a campaign to pacify the warring factions of mankind.

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One must admire Mrs. Our retrospective view of President Kennedy is now filtered through the legends and symbols she put forward at that time. The hardheaded politician devoted to step-by- step progress was transformed in death into the consummate liberal idealist.

Difficult as it may be to accept, the posthumous image of JFK reflected more the idealistic beliefs of Mrs. Kennedy than the practical political liberalism of the man himself. But the Camelot image as applied to the Kennedy presidency had some unfortunate and unforeseen consequences. By turning President Kennedy into a liberal idealist which he was not and a near legendary figure, Mrs.

How Jackie Kennedy Invented the Camelot Legend After JFK’s Death

Kennedy inadvertently contributed to the unwinding of the tradition of American liberalism that her husband represented in life. The images she advanced had a double effect: first, to establish Kennedy as a transcendent political figure far superior to any contemporary rival; and, second, to highlight what the nation had lost when he was killed.

The two elements were mirror images of one another. If one accepted the image and many did, despite their better judgment , then the best of times were now in the past and could not be recovered. Life would go on but the future could never match the magical chapter that had been brought to an unnatural end. As Mrs. The Camelot myth posed a challenge to the liberal idea of history as a progressive enterprise, always moving forward despite setbacks here and there toward the elusive goal of perfecting the American experiment in self-government.

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The legend of the Kennedy years as unique or magical was, in addition, divorced from real accomplishments as measured by important programs passed or difficult problems solved. The magical aspect of the New Frontier was located, by contrast, in its style and sophisticated attitude rather than in its concrete achievements.

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Kennedy, without intending to do so and without understanding the consequences of her image making, put forward an interpretation of John F. James Piereson is president of the William E. Simon Foundation and a senior fellow at The Manhattan Institute. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism News Innovation Scouted Travel. James Piereson. Log out. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction.

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  8. Your feedback will be reviewed. Kennedy was president , the people who worked with him, and the feelings of hope and belief about what they could achieve :.

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    His ties to the Kennedy clan go back to the age of Camelot. He recalled the Camelot era of President John Kennedy and the civil rights movement. This early piece of Thai writing describes an ideal kingdom - a Camelot. He envisaged a multi-million-dollar movie about the myth of Camelot.