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Internet Privacy im Überblick (German Edition) (\N Edition). by Dirk Beckmann. Paperback, 28 Pages, Published ISBN /
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Data Giant Google Laughs Over Little Web-Of-Trust Snooping

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Handelsblatt Explains: Why Germans are so private about their data

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Methodische Erfahrungen aus einer vergleichenden Mitarbeiterbefragung. Vortrag auf der German Online Research, , Essen.

The authors called it the Bonnie-and-Clyde effect. The Case of Israel. Globalization and media segmentation present citizens with a variety of news outlets for political information in addition to those offered by the mainstream communication channels, which once dominated every nation state.

Stolen Child

In this article, survey data gathered in Israel N?? Findings show that skepticism toward the mainstream news media is indeed related to sectorial and extranational news consumption; however, it is not related to consumption of such nonmainstream media exclusively.

The coming privacy crisis on the Internet of Things - Alasdair Allan - TEDxExeterSalon

Honey, I Shrunk the World! This study continued this longstanding scholarly interest by examining how the Internet facilitates a sense of connection to the international community at the individual level. Findings demonstrate that the Internet matters for international engagement. According to the results, the Internet connects individuals to the international community by helping them increase their knowledge of the world, facilitating their sense of belonging to the greater world, and motivating them to participate in international events and foreign volunteer opportunities.

Further, findings suggest that younger users of the Internet tended to benefit more than older users from reading international news on the Internet with respect to international political knowledge and international participation.

Working Hard or Hardly Working? Among the key findings: These depictions have important implications for the learning of gender roles from television exposure. Sexual Humor in Hollywood Films: These qualities have been found in prior research to denote desirability in potential mates.

Results were generally consistent with predictions. It was suggested that these results, paired with findings from previous studies, could be taken as support for a lowered expectations hypothesis: To be the Cine-Hub of Asia. Hybridity and the rise of Korean popular culture in Asia. A developing market in news: Xinhua News Agency and Chinese newspapers. This article offers a social-historical analysis of Chinais Xinhua News Agency and Chinese newspapers, focusing on their interrelations.

It attempts to delineate how a national news agency in a non-capitalist country went through a process of development, and how it has changed during the transition from a command economy to market-oriented economy. Xinhuais experience of dealing with newspapers provides a distinctive example: The movement of Xinhua towards adopting Western experiences illustrates a globalized tendency, which has been experienced by leading international news agencies and is still experienced by a number of national players in the developing world.

This tendency leads news agencies, including Xinhua, to undergo a transition from bi-directional dependency to an agency-client relationship. Changes in the self resulting from the use of mobile phones. It is suggested that this new identity goes hand in hand with a spatial-temporal recomposition of the context in which actions take place.

On the opening up of an almost continuous virtual space, conflicts may arise between the different roles played by an individual which were previously differentiated as a function of space. We also discuss the possible superstitions the use of this new technology may bring with it. As a result of these analyses, it is considered that the mobile phone not only emerges within a postmodern society, but also, along with other technological developments, feeds a postmodern mentality.

Democratic media activism through the lens of social movement theory. What is its political significance and potential? Is it a new social movement, a new style of politics cutting across movements, or are new concepts needed? Drawing illustratively upon interviews with media activists, notably in Vancouver, we explore insights offered by social movement theory — including resource mobilization formulations and the new social movement theories of Melucci, Habermas, Cohen and Arato, and Fraser.

Das Recht des Zahlungsverkehrs im Überblick

While all these traditions offer valuable insights, media activism reveals limitations in existing conceptualizations. It has some of the characteristics of a movement, but lacks a distinct collective identity or niche within movement ecology. It may be destined to be a boundary-transgressing nodal point for other movements, articulating a coherent project for radical democracy, rather than a movement-for-itself.

Obstacles to the success of female journalists in Korea. The alienation of female journalists was also studied at the organizational and personal levels. At the organizational level, the result shows that female journalists are both horizontally and vertically marginalized. At the personal level, the self-alienation of female journalists was attributed to the fact that they have less access to in-depth information because of the division of work based on gender. Between display and deliberation: This proves consequential for the public expression and engagement of views and voices, issues and identities, and exhibits a complexity that has so far remained unexplored and under-theorized.

This article builds on these contemporary theoretical trajectories and develops a new approach for the empirical exploration and retheorization of the fast-developing international ecology of TV journalism. The National Assembly for Wales and broadcasting policy, — Bourdieu, the media and cultural production. It sets out to demonstrate that there are marked differences between the discourse of the unscripted live two-way interchange between correspondent and studio presenter and other scripted sections of the news. In particular, it is maintained that linguistic selections in the live two-way particularly choices in linguistic modality project a different approach to the truth conditions of its discourse, with less emphasis on precise veracity than is found generally in the news.

The implications of this variation within the discourses of the news are then examined by considering the unscripted contribution by Andrew Gilligan to the BBCis Today programme that became the focus of much attention before, during and after the Hutton enquiry.

Indymedia and the struggle to sustain a radical democratic network. Internet strategies employed by many contemporary activists include websites, listservs and hyperlinked networks used for exchanging information, mobilizing both old and new constituencies, and coordinating collective action.

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Networks of organizations and individuals are formed both on and offline and decision-making within these groups is often made by consensus. Perhaps best characterizing this activism is its lack of hierarchy, epitomized by democratic communications, both within and between networked organizations. This article focuses on Indymedia, a prime institutional exemplar for the indicators mentioned above internet-based activism, network formation and participatory politics. Specifically, it addresses issues related to sustainability and political efficacy in radical democratic activist networks that are increasingly enabled by internet technologies.

Internet governance in the UK. The layers of the UK internet are examined, their governance identified and evaluated, and the conclusion drawn that network governance is a distinctive, but not universally present, characteristic of UK internet governance. Also, contemporary, well-functioning arrangements may be unstable, and stronger hierarchical governance may be required in the future.