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The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

In situating their romance as dependent on the whims of property owners, Smith critiques a society in love with money at the expense of its most vulnerable members, the dispossessed. Appendices in this edition include: contemporary responses; writings on the genre debate by Anna Letitia Barbauld, John Moore, and Walter Scott; and historical documents focusing on property laws as well as the American and French revolutions.

This is another excellent Broadview edition. Kelley, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jacqueline M. The Old Manor House. The rouble lost its value by a quarter in the three months to November , which raised import.

The Old Manor House - Broadview Press

The present rating is one notch above the junk status and on par with Brazil and South Africa. The Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum quantifies the magnitude of disparities on the basis of gender and tracks the progress over time. According to the report, Russia has been ranked 75th out of countries. Although, the country is ahead of China 87th and India th , it is behind countries like Nicaragua 6th , Germany 12th , and the US 20th. For many years, Russia has per formed badly in terms of registering patents for the technolog y it develops. In , just patents were registered; this is particularly low when compared to the US, which registered 1,33, patents during the same year.

Product market indicators are a set of metrics that measure the extent to which policies framed by the government promote or inhibit competition in areas where competition is possible.

The Jewish Chronicle led the attacks, querying my Jewish identity a racist move in itself , my work as an anti-racist activist and my political commitment. Indignation at my alleged breach reached the heights of irony when Nigel Farage, anxious not to miss out on the fun being had by, among others, Labour MPs and officers of the Party, dedicated an article in Breitbart and a good dose of righteous indignation on national TV to publicly calling me out as a racist. With the murderous racist political discourse now taking the place of debate I became conscious I was recognisable on the street.

Then there were the smears, grist to the mill of every witch-hunt, the guilt by association innuendos like reproducing my Facebook post alongside the nonsense peddled by the Nation of Islam. These are barely worth a response except to say the Nation of Islam is an antisemitic group which seeks to set Jewish and Black people against each other. Any examination of my work, my writing, my life, would make clear my opposition to this ideology.

My aim was to argue that there are no hierarchies of genocide; there is no way to quantify or qualitatively describe the indescribable, the indescribably inhumane acts that are part of our histories. So who are victims and what does it mean? We are victims and perpetrators to some extent through choice. And having been a victim does not give you a right to be a perpetrator.

These words, taken out of context in the way the media did, of course do not reflect my position. I was writing to someone who knew the context of my comments.


The truth is while many peoples were involved in this pernicious trade it was the rulers of Christian Spain and Portugal that ordered the massacre and expulsion of thousands of Jews from the Iberian Peninsular who forced Jewish communities to seek refuge in the New World and the Caribbean. The shame is, at a time when antisemitism has been weaponised and used against certain sections of the Labour Party, nobody asked me before rushing to pin the racist and antisemitic label on me.

No people are exempt from truth. No people are better, more moral than any other. None deserve higher protection from the eye of history. All of us are subjects, products of material historical development.

Prison bosses accused of burying hard-hitting report into the welfare of their staff

In short, they were, as Jonathan Israel has noted, simultaneously agents and victims of empire. This was the point I was attempting to make on Facebook, in a comic-strip, abbreviated, inadequate, deficient sort of conversational way. This was my point, as the Israel Advocacy Movement could see even as they decided to weaponise my words. No peoples have a monopoly of suffering or virtue.

No peoples are special or free of the complexity of history. That is as true in the Middle East now as it ever was anywhere, in all places, with all peoples, across the diversity of our globe and so it will remain until, and unless, we achieve the goal of all internationalists — the liberation of humanity. Richard L.

Her life is lovingly recreated by her daughter Jacqueline in homage to the remarkable woman she was. Appendix: Response to Chakrabarti. My partner is Jewish, his family observant, but I comment as a woman of mixed Jewish and other heritages who identifies as, and is perceived by others as, a black person of African descent. Much of the mainstream media response to the Inquiry focused on anti-Semitism, was superficial, poorly informed or with one intent — destabilising Labour and its present leadership.

At the core of the debate is the way competing claims by minorities are positioned in the at this point in time supercharged arena of Labour Party politics. In the political arena, perhaps more than elsewhere, race is about power — who has it, who is chosen to represent the Party, who gives power to others and how that power is communicated. By observing and documenting herself through a non-objective lens with the means of documenting the reality of what she was seeing, the student captured herself in a way she had never considered seeing herself. She thought about how she would interpret her own expression, and how others must perceive her based of it that.

In order to state that she was not really sad, she inevitably entered moments of deep reflection wondering if there was some truth to what she saw in herself before she could come to the conclusion that it was not accurate or true. The process of documenting her own face through a self-portrait ended up leading to a documentation of the reflection process, which became a document that facilitated her own personal learning and mindset shift. They depend on each other for their intended roles as well as their unexpected role reversals.

What Jersey ‘Housewife’ Danielle ‘did’

A person looking into a mirror is seeing themselves, yet the reversal of themselves. When a teacher is looking at students, with the intent to document material to facilitate professional learning as a teacher…they assume a dual-identify with the reversal of themselves, because now they are not only a teacher looking at the student as a source of new observations, new material to be processed, understood, and applied…they are a student looking at subject with the potential to teach them.

What they discover can shift their thinking about teaching and learning.


Students can document their art-making process and their personal reflections to make significant personal breakthroughs and understandings about themselves and other things on which they can now choose to act upon, or not. Teachers can observe, document, and reflect upon their teaching processes as students do with their art, and just like students, they also have the choice to act upon what they have just learned, or not.

Action research is that girl drawing her self-portrait, looking carefully and closely at her face to capture it best she could. Action research is that student, developing a solution to the identified problem by modifying her behavior and expressing herself as she was. Action research is that girl, recognizing the teaching and learning power and potential of observation and personal investigative processes, and encouraging her teacher to continue that project because she understands and advocates for the benefits of its process. There are students missing out on powerful and meaningful art experiences due not only to lack of personal engagement and motivation, but also to reluctance to push themselves and try new things.

Gamified approaches may be able to help strengthen student engagement as well as ease the school-structured intimidations of student grade and performance pressures by incorporating a level of playfulness. Student artworks, engagement, responses, explorations, achievements, and progress will be closely observed and documented.

Those observations will then be used to help evaluate how classroom gamification strategies could positively impact student engagement and student willingness to push themselves and their artworks to grow to new levels and explore things beyond course requirements and assignment expectations. I decided to lump the some of the Changes and Adaptations codes along with the identified problems to help make more sense of things when there was a specific change or adaptation related to it. I decided to lump the next codes Changes and Adaptations along with the identified problems to help make more sense of things.

Student responses are constantly monitored and noted to help determine which direction the gamification strategies are leading, and in the end determine if gamification strategies can help shape student experiences in the art room. As I mentioned above, two of the students who declined to play the game are members of the audience I was most hoping to engage with the game.

It is possible that those willing to participate in the game are naturally the students who would be more likely to engage themselves, challenge themselves, and explore new things whether they were participating in a game or not.

Jupiter (mythology) - Wikipedia audio article

However, the late-entry participation and continued participation indicates there are some redeeming gaming qualities or motivators for the students. Is there a definitive ending point of that game? Should they feel like they get that carrot, or is the point for them to always keep pursuing it but never reaching it? Also…for those students who are not enticed by carrots…what will engage them more?

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