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In the realm of time-based interventions this will allow to manipulate passage of time and structure of time. Interactive virtual environments for Objective evaluation of Psychophysical Effects based on bRain Activity. This project serves to establish the structure of the DZ. This project investigate how Virtual Reality can support motor-rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke consequences. Embodied multimodal interfaces and digital humans become increasingly interesting for novel human-computer interface paradigms. The EmbodimentLab establishes a Bavarian competence center for the creative development of related application use cases and the necessary technology involved.

Investation of the oportunities of large scale VR systems with high numbers of users. Users experience the perception of virtual bodies in immersive and semi immersive virtual environments.

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The project explores the plasticity of communicative social behavior and its augmentation. We aim at finding out how future interactions in social virtual- and augmented realities can be supported by technology.

GEtiT Gamified Training Environment for Affine Transformations achieves an interactive gamified 3D-training of affine transformations by requiring users to apply their affine transformation knowledge in order to solve challenging puzzles presented in an immersive and intuitive 3D environment. XRoads explores novel and multimodal interaction techniques for tabletop games. It focusses Mixed Reality platforms that combine touch, speech, and gestures as input modalities for turn-based and real-time strategy games. Multimodal interfaces MMIs are a promising alternative human-computer interaction paradigm.

They are feasible for a wide rang of environments, yet they are especially suited if interactions are spatially and temporally grounded with an environment in which the user is physically situated, like virtual reality, mixed reality, human-robot interaction, and computer games. It uses the central concept of semantic reflection based on a highly concurrent actor model to build intelligent multimodal graphics systems.

Its goal is to advance the field of RIS software engineering. Bobcat Sweater. How Brains Learn. Fast Changes! Skip to: Main Content Search Navigation. Ohio University. Follow us:. Search Archives. Event Calendar. OHIO in the News. In: Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 7 1 , S. Levy , J. In: Psychologie Heute, 1, S. Lewis , M. In: Lewis, M. Ley , R.

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In: Sheikh, A. In: Brain and Language, 7, — Lienert , G. Meisenheim am Glan.

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    Nonverbale Kommunikation - Klassifikation Und Funktion Von Gesten

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