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Operational Terms and Graphics. Introduction. In this lesson, you will be conducting self paced instruction. (SPI) in order to familiarize yourself with Marine Corps.
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It is performed in an effort to minimize casualties, save lives, and limit the spread of contamination.

Where Army and Marine Corps definitions differ from each other, both are provided. The Army definition is followed by the proponent manual. Army A tactical mission task that involves taking possession of a designated area using overwhelming force. FM Marine Corps To clear a designated area and obtain control of it. See also amphibious force; amphibious operation; landing force; mission.

Also called PP. See also hostile acts; rules of engagement. The symbology section is broken down into chapters dealing with unit symbols, equipment symbols, graphic control measures, installation symbols, and stability operations and support operations symbols.

Lesson 25: Platoon Defensive Operations Techniques and Prep

Each of these chapters provides detailed requirements for composing and constructing its associated symbols and control measures. While the manual does not include every possible symbol for every possible context, the rules for building a specific set of military symbols allow enough flexibility for users to create any symbol to meet their operational needs.

This manual contains a compilation of graphic control measures. This revision includes information on building symbols and using graphics omitted in the version that appeared in earlier versions of military symbology manuals. It includes a link between terms and symbols with the cross-referenced terms, including the proponent manual that provides the description for the usage of the graphic control measures. All graphic control measures in this manual are linked to doctrine. File download size: 18 MB.

Operational Terms and Graphics

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Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description This manual is a dual-Service US Army and US Marine Corps publication introducing new terms and definitions and updating existing definitions as reflected in the latest editions of Army field manuals and Marine Corps doctrinal, warfighting, and reference publications. When communicating instructions to subordinate units, commanders and staffs from company through corps should use this manual as a dictionary of operational terms and military graphics.

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FM 1-02 Operational Terms and Graphics

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