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Red Fox: The Catlike Canine. Washington, D. C.: Wild Lone: The Story of the Pytchley Fox. A short story about a man's metamorphosis into a fox via the magic of a series of masks. . Russian Secret Tales: Bawdy Folk tales of Old Russia.
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Kim Emily Bautista a year-old country girl orphaned by the war, arrives in bawdy wartime Saigon in , shortly before the fall of the city to North Vietnamese forces. But the innocent Kim is quickly rescued by American serviceman Chris Anthony Festa , who essentially buys her from the Engineer. They fall in love, and there is a ceremony which Kim knows is a wedding although Chris does not understand that, but the couple is separated when Saigon falls not long after. Years later, Chris returns to Southeast Asia to search for her in Bangkok after learning Kim bore him a son.

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Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and improve. You often looked measly. Covered with ticks and unkempt sores. I so often found you sitting somewhere, looking glumly, with your eyes squeezed, that I wondered whether the name Pincheye had not been more appropriate name for you.

And yet ….. Your wore your coat, almost un-foxy soft, like a cloak. Your unmistakable attitude radiated pride rather than defeat. Your nose was smooth and your eyes were shining and you were Miss Dunes again. Shining in the sun with your nose in the wind and your eyes closed. Happy Ticky is happy! And so were I, with such a joy to watch. Sometimes…you were the most beautiful fox ever…. You had to fight for your place, for your existence.

e-book The Bawdy Tale of the Rede Fox

But you kept coming back, both literally and figuratively. What a tough little fox you were!

Your second winter, all went wrong again. Suddenly your hind leg was dangling loose, as if it was no longer attached to your body.

You could not even stand on it. It was getting colder, winter knocked on the door and your injured leg was deteriorating. How were you gonna make it, little, weak, seriously injured fox? Apparently you had two fox guardian angels on your shoulder; we never ever experienced a milder winter than that year. At least the weather was favorable to you! After months of misery you could finally run freely again and hope raised…. Things got even better when it became spring and you started to dig a fox den. Way too late in the year, at a moment when I no longer expected it.

But hey, who am I to know something about how foxes work? Your den had no real escape and was build in plain sight. But -then again- you were the expert! Or was this the consequence of missing an example too early in life? Would your fox kits have the same funny teeth and smooth coats? You were actually pregnant and I looked forward to the funny longnosed fox kits you would breed. Would they have the same funny teeth and smooth coats?

Red Fox Facts

Oh well, if only they would be healthy…. You were immensely devoted to your new task as a soon to be mom and I saw you frequently chasing out of the den totally sand covered. You must have been building an actual palace below for your new family…! The pregnancy was aborted and the chance on a longnose fox family of your own was over for this year I had granted you your fox kits so much.

Predators and prey

The following year went by relatively quiet. Sometimes you were relaxed, sometimes you ran away. You were different indeed. At times I tried to guess and I might have guessed right once or twice. Who knows. And then it became winter again. A long, lonely period lied ahead of you.

What a brave little fox you were! Proudly and without the slightest hesitation, you crossed the enemy lines. Even your strong and brave mother had only sporadically and with the greatest reluctance dared to pass that symbolic but oh so clear border.

How many times have you seen your mother being humiliated, threatened and almost been slaughtered in her attempts? She lied on the ground, throbbing and squeaking while being summoned to immediately disappear or ….. She knew it was hopeless and despite her pride she always backed off. Crossing that border equaled a suicide mission. Your mother risked this kind of dangerous experiments only when absolutely necessity. When she had a nest of starving cubs to feed or when it froze mercilessly.

A Fox’ Story – About the life of a wild red fox called Ticky | Roeselien Raimond Nature Photography

Just in cases where it was literally a matter of life or death. She knew the risk and you must have known it, too…. And yet, that day, you entered the belly of the beast and I hold my breath.

I expected you to be expelled immediately and you did have to battle some. But, in the middle of that hostile territory, you blandly created your own space and owned it with an air as if it was yours and it always had been. Apparently it showed and you seemed to be accepted in a way. You were even seen in a nice chat with a beautiful young male from the Others. Is this how it goes with foxes?