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For decades after the disaster, there was little doubt about what sank the Titanic. When the "unsinkable" ship, the largest, most luxurious ocean.
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The lookouts had no binoculars. At a later inquiry into the sinking, a lookout on the Titanic said binoculars might have helped them spot and dodge the iceberg in time. No matter what caused the Titanic to sink, such a massive loss of life could probably have been avoided if the ship had carried sufficient lifeboats for its passengers and crew. But the White Star liner left Southampton with only 20 lifeboats, the legal minimum, with a total capacity of 1, people. Though Maurice Clarke, the civil servant who inspected the Titanic in Southampton, recommended it carry 50 percent more lifeboats, his handwritten notes at the time later revealed that he felt his job would be threatened if he did not give the famous ship the go-ahead to sail.

Due to the chaos that ensued after the Titanic struck an iceberg, the 20 lifeboats departed the ship with some empty seats, leaving more than 1, people to perish in the frigid ocean waters. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

Why Did the Titanic Sink? Five Theories

It is one of the many bitter ironies of the Titanic tragedy that the ship might well have avoided the iceberg if Murdoch had not told the engine room to reduce and then reverse thrust. The iron rivets were too weak: Metallurgists Tim Foecke and Jennifer Hooper McCarty looked into the materials used for the building of the Titanic at its Belfast shipyard and found that the steel plates toward the bow and the stern were held together with low-grade iron rivets.

Those rivets may have been used because higher-grade rivets were in short supply, or because the better rivets couldn't be inserted in those areas using the shipyard's crane-mounted hydraulic equipment. The metallurgists said those low-grade rivets would have ripped apart more easily during the collision, causing the ship to sink more quickly that it would have if stronger rivets had been used.

Other researchers have contested that claim, however.

10 causes of the Titanic tragedy - NBC News

There were too few lifeboats: Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that there were not enough lifeboats to accommodate all of the Titanic's more than 2, passengers and crew members. The lifeboats could accommodate only about 1, people — which was still in excess of the 1,person capacity that was the legal requirement for that time.

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Do these 10 causes cover everything, or are there still more factors I'm forgetting? Are there some lessons still unlearned from the Titanic tragedy? Feel free to weigh in with your reflections on the Titanic centennial in the comment space below.

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    Fire, not ice, could have been responsible for the sinking of the 'unsinkable' ship

    At the time of her launch, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic was the largest man-made moving object on Earth. More than 15, men worked on the ship during its construction in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Titanic's wake was so huge that, at its launch, it sucked in another ship and almost caused a collision. The Titanic originally was designed to carry 64 lifeboats. To save from cluttering decks, the ship ended up carrying 20 on her maiden voyage.

    Passenger and fashion writer Edith Rosenbaum cabled her secretary in Paris that she had "a premonition of trouble" about the Titanic. She survived.

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    Governess Elizabeth Shutes was so unnerved by the smell of the night air on April 14 that she could not fall asleep. She told fellow passengers that the smell reminded her of the air inside an ice cave she had visited. The fortune teller predicted his death aboard the ship.

    Why did the Titanic sink? It was Captain Smith’s fault

    She was right. In the book, more than half the passengers die in the North Atlantic because of a lifeboat shortage. The book was published 14 years before the Titanic sank. Edward G. Crosby, a Milwaukee veteran of the Civil War, founded a steamship company on Lake Michigan but became famous for refusing to put enough lifeboats for all the passengers on his steamers.

    How Did the “Unsinkable” Titanic Sink?

    Aboard the Titanic, he was unable to find a place on a lifeboat, and he sank with the ship. He went into the Atlantic waters after the collision. Jennie made it into a lifeboat and lived until Louise Kink Pope was 4 years old when she went on board the Titanic. She and her mother, Luise, were loaded into a lifeboat, but her father was told to remain on deck.

    Instead, he jumped into the lifeboat as it was being lowered. The family survived and Pope died in Milwaukee at age 84 in Unfortunately for scriptwriter James Cameron, Lake Wissota is a man-made reservoir that didn't exist until Many of the first-class female passengers left the Titanic still dressed in the silk evening gowns they had worn to dinner.

    The Titanic was stocked with 20, bottles of beer and stout, 1, bottles of wine and 8, cigars for use by first-class passengers. First-class passengers were given copies of "The White Star Music Book" containing songs so they could make requests. The musicians had to know all the titles. Second-class accommodations were equivalent to first class in most other ocean liners of the time.

    Third-class passengers could hear the loud roar of the ship's engines in their cabins at all times. Gates separating the third-class spaces from the other classes were kept locked even after the collision, according to some firsthand reports. One recent scientific theory holds that the moon's extremely close approach to Earth on Jan. The Titanic's launch was delayed by six weeks because her sister ship Olympic needed repairs in the same dry dock.

    That delay put seasonal icebergs right in the Titanic's path.

    Titanic Capt. Edward Smith did try to avoid ice danger by altering the ship's course to the south after receiving warnings of icebergs from other ships. At p.